Primary Care

Providing affordable, high-quality, and comprehensive health care services.

Primary Care

An essential element of Bay Clinic is providing primary medical care. Our primary care providers deliver:

  • first-contact care for persons with any undiagnosed sign, symptom, or health concern;
  • comprehensive care for the person;
  • continuous care for the patient over time; and
  • responsibility for coordinating other health services as they relate to the patient's care.

Providers who deliver comprehensive primary medical care are uniquely trained in how to:

  • recognize early symptoms of serious disease;
  • distinguish between short-term illnesses and problems requiring further medical intervention;
  • perform medical history assessments, physicals, and diagnoses;
  • provide screening and counseling to prevent disease;
  • communication skills; and
  • accessing and utilizing social and financial resources for patients.

Providing affordable, high-quality, and comprehensive health care services to East Hawai'i residents for over 35 years.

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